Vienna, Austria: A farewell to Europe

After the quite somber stop in Poland, it was nice to find ourselves in another bright city full of amazing architecture. We didn’t have a lot of time in Vienna, but it was enough to learn how special this city was. The beautiful buildings filled with art and history were a perfect backdrop to the laid back, café-lounging attitude the city possessed. And laid back is exactly what we needed by that point.

There are many things to do and see in Vienna. Between the art museums, the opera house, and the classical music, you could find yourself spending days here wrapping yourself up in the culture. We had one afternoon. So, saying we had the true Vienna experience would be a major stretch. We could have done our usual plan of stuffing in as much as possible in the shortest time frame imaginable. But, the first thing I really wanted to do was find a café and relax. So, that is exactly what we did. And it never really got much more exciting than that.

We roamed the streets and parks, popped in to a few museums and churches, and then had a nice dinner before turning in for the night. It was actually a quite pleasant visit and a nice end to our European adventure.

We were anxious and excited to completely switch gears and head to India the following morning. After exploring 5 bustling European cities, the Indian jungle was calling our names.

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