Happy Baby, Tired Mommy

Motherhood is not exactly what I expected. What did I expect? Let’s see… Something around the lines of spending hours on end staring into perfect, bright, beautiful baby eyes while contemplating the creation and meaning of life.

Okay, so, I knew there would be crying. And I knew there would be dirty diapers. And I even knew there might be a few sleepless nights. I knew all this because friends, family, and even strangers in the elevator warned me about the struggles I should expect. Well, at least I thought I knew. Really, deep down, I thought… Nope, not me and my baby… We will be perfect.

Fast forward to 2 months later, my maternity leave is nearing to an end, and I’m just ready for a nap.

Yes, there is crying… And yes, there are dirty diapers… Lots and lots of dirty diapers… And oh my the sleepless nights…

Which means most of my time is now spent staring into fiercely clenched shut, red, and wet baby eyes begging for a moment of peace. And in between crying sessions, I walk around in a zombie like state doing zombie like chores.

But somehow, all the struggles, all the tears, and all the, um, icky-ness, has brought me so much joy. More joy then I could ever imagine. Everything I do now is for this little boy. I do it all to keep him well and safe. I do it all so he can grow strong and kind. I do it all… well for Family.

Every time I see that smile, I know that I am succeeding.

And finally, I can cuddle him up close to my chest and sing a sweet lullaby into those perfect, bright, beautiful eyes, until we both fall sleep and dream about the creation and meaning of life.

In the comments below, tell me Moms… What was your biggest expectation verses reality?

Until next time,

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  • Cindy Sorrells August 24, 2016

    Love this blog! Remembering how quick my children grew up, was such a shock to me. I thought I would have days on end holding my little one. After all, it seemed FOREVER the last few months of being pregnant. But once my babies got here, time had no meaning. One day they are home, little, and I’m kind of scared. The next week they are smiling that little grin in the corner of their mouth. Then it’s turning over, looking around, crawling, walking, talking. Going off to school. Going off to college, or to live on there own. And then a Mema! The cycle starts again. But it seems to have slowed down a bit. Waiting for my next chance to hold one or all of them again, and tell them how much I love them,

  • Tara August 25, 2016

    So many things. For sure I was going to get everything done around the house, meet my friends for lunch and enjoy a ‘vacation’ with my new baby. About a week in my goal was to keep the baby alive every day 🙂

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