Colonia, Uruguay: Where the Portuguese and the Spanish meet

After a slow, but nice, uneventful day in Buenos Aires, we were ready see something cool. Jason had this great idea of seeing a bit of Uruguay while we were here. So, we woke up bright and early, hailed a cab to the docks, and caught a boat to Colonia across the Rio de la Plata.

The boat ride was rather basic with nothing too interesting to see. The river we were crossing was so big you couldn’t see land across it. It seemed more like a bay then a river, but who is arguing semantics? Nevertheless, E seemed to enjoy his very first boat trip.

When we arrived in Colonia, we started our day with a short walking tour. We learned about the Portuguese and Spanish influence in the small town. We moved back and forth between centuries old Portuguese cobblestone streets and Spanish cobblestone streets. By the end of the tour we could easily point out which buildings were Portuguese and which were Spanish. We could feel the nice breeze coming off the river and we thought to ourselves, “This is quite nice.”

As the day went on, though, the breeze got less nice, and the air got more stuffy. Before we knew it, the temperature had rose to 102 degrees. We felt every bit of it. Jason and I panted and sweated our ways through the streets. However, E just loved being outside. He looked in awe at the sights, babbled to passing by strangers, and napped from time to time.

We had lunch in a nice restaurant with no air conditioning, ice cream in a cafe with no air conditioning, and beer in a bar with no air conditioning. All the while, E was a champ. Despite the heat, we adored Colonia. It was a wonderful way to spend the day with my family, and an easy way to add another country to E’s passport.

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  • Cindy Sorrells February 5, 2017

    E stole the show on this blog!!!!

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