Wether or not to add a little taste of Chili to our Argentinian adventure was a decision that I agonized over for weeks right before our trip. The world famous Torres Del Paine National Park was only a few hours away from El Calafate. Photos of the park had me mesmerized. In any other circumstance… Read More

El Calafate, Argentina: The land of ice and berries


We arrived in El Calafate eager to explore the famous Patagonia. We had been conditioned to love the Patagonia already through overpriced fleeces worn by the cool kids in high school. So, actually seeing it with our own eyes brought an appreciation for the vast region full of mountains, desserts, and grasslands. But mostly grasslands… Read More


After a slow, but nice, uneventful day in Buenos Aires, we were ready see something cool. Jason had this great idea of seeing a bit of Uruguay while we were here. So, we woke up bright and early, hailed a cab to the docks, and caught a boat to Colonia across the Rio de la… Read More

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Steak, Helado, and a Cemetery


After 9 months of pregnancy, 7 months of no sleep, and 10 hours on a redeye flight, my two feet finally stepped on new ground… this time with an extra passenger along for the ride. Our next destination? Buenos Aires. Awww, so romantic… ohhh, so savvy…. mmmm, so sexy… Wait a minute… Maybe not so… Read More

How to survive the Patagonia with a 7 month old baby


Yes, I know. We are crazy. I mean, who takes a 7 month old baby to the Patagonia, right? Well, I guess we do. And for no reason really. It was just a spot we picked on the map when trying to decide where our first family adventure would be. Yeah, we were worried. We… Read More

When #Momlife meets #Worklife


After 3 months of exhausting but extremely rewarding maternity leave, I have returned to work this week. Just like that the new mom life that I just became adjusted to collided with my old work life with full force. And like most collisions, there were adrenaline infused emotions of regret, loss, and guilt. Regret for… Read More

Happy Baby, Tired Mommy


Motherhood is not exactly what I expected. What did I expect? Let’s see… Something around the lines of spending hours on end staring into perfect, bright, beautiful baby eyes while contemplating the creation and meaning of life. Okay, so, I knew there would be crying. And I knew there would be dirty diapers. And I… Read More

A little sister dressed in white.


This past spring I had the honor of photographing the most beautiful bride I have ever seen, my little sister. Amber and BA got married the same week I gave birth. So, needless to say, I missed the wedding. I felt horrible for missing this sacred day, but, thankfully, I still got to see my… Read More

9 months have come and gone


The past year has been a whirlwind of unbelievable love, frustration, and life changing moments. From finding out I was pregnant... to giving birth to a beautiful baby boy... I have been riding an emotional rollercoaster. Through all this, I found it hard to do the things I love at times. Between the exhaustion, nausea… Read More

Kerala, India: Celebrating a Hindu Wedding


I admit it, I LOVE weddings. The romance, the tears, the cake, and, most of all, the dancing! So, when our friend, Jit, invited us to his Hindu wedding in India, I was ecstatic! I had no idea what to expect really. My knowledge of Hindu weddings was pretty scarce. Ok, so maybe it was… Read More